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#12 Sahara Las Vegas
#12 Sahara Las Vegas
Las Vegas
United States
7 reviews
Frustrating Check In
When we arrived they could not find our confirmation anywhere. It happened to us and to another family that we were travelling with. Two families both with the same problem and interesting enough we booked using different methods. We had all of our documentation/receipts/confirmations etc in our hands. They told us there was nothing they could do. They said call whoever you booked with. We went back and forth for 3 hours as we sat in the lobby with all of our suitcases and kids running wild. Finally we decided to just book and pay for a room again so our kids could at least go up to the room after running wild for 3 hours in the lobby. I was beyond frustrated as we had already paid but we had no other choice. They did not offer us a discount or anything to pay for a night that we had already paid for. We went up to the room got settled and then went for supper. During supper we were talking to our providers and travel agents and were sending emails to the hotel. After supper we stopped by the front desk again now 10:15pm to see if anything was sorted out as we were staying for 6 nights. They said sorry nothing has been figured out we will call you if something does. 11pm we get a call that we need to change rooms and they have miraculously found both reservations for both families. 11pm and we are asked to change rooms with 8 people. 4 adults and 4 kids. Super frustrating...... We asked why we could not stay and they said that floor 8 was going to have construction and we would be the only ones on the floor, which clearly was a lie as when we got to the elevators lots of people were getting off on the 8th floor? Already frustrated we agreed and moved rooms. We moved from floor 8 to 10 same building and same exact room?? Very strange. Again the next day we went to the front desk and they said they would not charge us for the night we had to book extra and that they had found our reservation. How was it lost in the first place and why would you make two families move rooms at 11pm at night? Not once did a staff member say I am really sorry for the inconvenience or thanks for being patient. Is this something that happens all of the time? We travel all of the time and have never had this issue before. I am now going to be hesitant to recommend this hotel to anyone for fear they will show up and have a frustrating check in like we did. I would encourage your staff to be more kind, understanding and apologetic. It would go a long way. Wasting 3 hours in a hotel lobby is not a great way to start a vacation nor moving rooms at 11pm at night. It really is a shame that this happened as the rest of the hotel was fantastic and I wished I could be posting 5star amazing reviews. The restaurants were fantastic and the staff in the restaurants were remarkable!

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