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I would like to write a review on but I do not know how? is pleased to offer general, pro and certified reviews. You would like write a hotel review? Please follow this link Sign-up.

A Pro review identifies a review written by a travel agent. A Certified review is written by a traveller with a completed confirmed booking with one of our partners.

Pro and certified reviews are marked with the following seals:


What is considered a confirmed booking?

Only travellers who bought their trip from a participating Canadian online travel agency, either online through the agency's site or by asking his travel agent to add their email at the time of booking, receive a few days after their return from holiday a form sent to them personally through one of our secure email servers.

Which agencies are participating with

See here the list of our partners.

I sent you my review and it does not appear on, why?

Every single review we receive is read by one of our agents. In the form you filled out there is the following warning message:

When you write a comment and you fill the rating form, give as much detail as possible so that your experience can guide others in their choice. Your comment will be associated with a specific hotel. We therefore ask you to focus on the establishment itself, on the food, location, beach, activities offered or the service you received during your stay; not your experience of purchase with such agency or such wholesaler or the airline. Out of context, these experiences are no longer relevant to a passenger who does not necessarily travel with the same company as your own. Reviews mentioning a specific agency, wholesaler or airline will not be displayed on

So if you mentioned the name of your travel agency, wholesaler or the airline that you used for your trip, your comment was not published.

I would like to change my review, how can I do this?

When we receive a review, we treat it in its entirety. We either accept or reject it, but we never change the content. We cannot modify a review already received. We may, at your request, withdraw your review in its entirety from To do this you must contact us by email, using the same email address you used to make your reservation, give us the dates of your trip, the agency you dealt with, the destination and name of the hotel. One of our agents, after checking your data, can then permanently remove your review from .

I sent you a negative review and it has not been published. Do you only post good reviews?

When you browse the reviews on the site, you'll find there are as many positive reviews as negative ones. There are 3 reasons why we would not publish a review. Either the review is rude, abusive or racist, or it mentions the name of one of the providers you use to make your trip, or if your review talks about a claim or asks for financial compensation from agency or wholesaler with whom you dealt with.

In all three cases, your review will not be published.

Why you do not want the names of the travel agency, wholesaler and the airline with whom I have dealt with?

When you write a review it will be associated with a specific hotel. We therefore ask you to concentrate on the resort itself, on the food, its location, its beach, the activities or the service you received on site during your stay. The review is based on the hotel, not your shopping experience with such agency or wholesaler or the airline. Out of context, these experiences are no longer relevant to a traveler who buys with another travel agency or with another wholesaler, or who will travel with a different airline.

I left my full name in the review, I would like to modify it or put a username instead:

In the form you received for your review, you can either keep your full name or change it to a username. If you forget to do so, please send us an email at , using the same email address you used to make your reservation, give us the dates of your trip, the agency you dealt with, the destination, name of the hotel and the name you desire to appear with your review. One of our agents, after checking your data, will contact you concerning the requested name change.

You have not sent the correct form, I did not stay at the hotel mentioned in the form, and I would like to review the hotel I stayed at:

Unfortunately we cannot send you a form with this new hotel. The way works is based on the authenticity of the received information. To ensure this authenticity, we extract data directly from the reservation made with the participating agency and we send you our form based on the extracted data. We cannot send back a form on a reservation that has been subsequently modified as we have no trace of them in our systems. We invite you to register directly on the site and you may choose the right hotel there. Sign-up

I cannot click on the link of the form you have sent me, what should I do?

It is possible that occasionally your computer has software that converts the link URLs of forms. Contact us by email at explaining your problem and an agent will get in touch with you to help solve the problem.

I forgot to upload photos with my review, can I add photos if I've already sent in my form?

Unfortunately it is too late. We cannot send you another form for your photos.

I sent you a claims email and you have not yet responded:

Complaints and claims must be sent directly to the travel agency which you dealt with. Their email addresses and phone number are usually included in the travel documents you received. If you submit a claim to, one of our agents will contact you specifying that you must contact your travel agency.

I see a lot of old reviews with a different hotel name in the page of the hotel I am consulting, why?

Hotels are often bought and sold between hotel chains. It is our policy to keep the old reviews on because even if a hotel is renamed, the infrastructure of the hotel remains the same. Any changes made by the new administration will be reflected in new reviews as well as in the calculation of the overall rating.

You promised to send me a gift card for "XYZ" and I still have not received anything:

Sometimes a travel agency promises to include a gift card or a discount on a future trip. You must contact your travel agency directly and not If you send such a request to, one of our agents will contact you specifying that you must contact your travel agency.

I have not received a review form from my agency which is a participating agency of

If you have booked with the participating agency by phone or in person at the agency, you must ask your travel agent to add your email in the box at the time of booking. Otherwise you will not receive a form. A form is sent only if an email was entered at the time of booking. If you refused to have your email added at the time of booking and you changed your mind, your travel agent may still add your email but this must be done before you leave.

I do not see the review I sent you yesterday and others who have traveled after me are already online, why?

We receive hundreds of forms daily. These are processed in the order of their arrival by our agents. If a form is filled and sent immediately after the return from the trip, instead of completing it only days later, it may be that this review gets posted before yours.

In addition, if you send in your review during the weekend, which is when we receive the most forms, it may take longer for your review to be treated. In general, your reviews are posted within 48 business hours, depending on the amount of reviews to be treated.

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