Puerto Plata

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#4 Be Live Collection Marien
#4 Be Live Collection Marien
Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic
620 reviews
This is not my first time here at this resort. My overall experience has,again,been wonderful. Especially since the COVID bullshit the resort was as well prepared to accomodate. I typically stay off busy season and come in late fall. Still I would say the place was occupied up to 40% most times. There was never a shortage of great staff to accomodate the needs and wants of the guests.. It is easy to see the resort is managed exceptionally well. I have dealt with the management once before in a good way and again on this trip to be pleasantly accommodated each time.. Security is taken very serious at this resort. My unit is 200 feet from the beach and is patrolled 24 hours a day.. likewise the front gate and all around the perimeter.. very safe.. Here's a tip. I'm a generous tipper and I'm very polite to the staff. I'm not saying you have to tip all I'm saying is I wait for nothing anywhere's in the resort. Be nice. It goes a long way.. If you meet help for anything go to the front desk and ask for Jhoenny the front desk manager if you require help for transportation, COVID tests etc.. big shout out to him and his front line workers My unit was kept very clean and well stocked. Remember the tip thing...? And the being nice thing. Pay attention The grounds were impeccably well taken care of The staff in the buffet, canteen and the bars were awesome to say the least The price for my trip was 1800.00 Canadian and worth every cent and more The buildings them selves are a bit dated but very well maintained. As I write this they are modernizing units in the building behind me. Wouldn't matter to me either way but my point is they invest in their infrastructure and it shows. In closing I know I will b back and am shooting for Christmas this year and again in February. Of 2022.. if you want a nice place to go with great accommodations and staff come here I could write all day long but I'm going out to enjoy my last 24 hours or so of beautiful

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