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#5 Playa Pesquero
#5 Playa Pesquero
1796 reviews
Stay away if you value your hard earned money!!
Having been to Cuba several times, we did not have high expectations, we love the beach and the price fit our budget, so we booked. We are also not picky on food. Although we've read the negative reviews before we left, we thought they were just pickier than us. WE WERE SO, SO WRONG!!!! Believe all honest negative reviews!!!! PP used to be one of the best resorts in Cuba. We've been at this resort multiple times and enjoyed it in the past. After 2 weeks at PP, we are now on antibiotics and other medication for FOOD POISONING. We've met lots of people in the resort with similar symptoms, that couldn't wait to go home, to seek treatment and have a decent meal. Huge problems: 1) Water. Water from the tap was undrinkable, yellow in color and tasted mold or sewage. Probably this resort and all other resorts on the same beach are in the middle of ecological or technical disaster which is not reported to the public. Smell and taste is unbelievably disgusting. This poisoned water is used in every food, cocktail, coffee, drinks. It is yellow. IT SMELLS!!! It is not sanitary and does not meet minimum standards. Resort management is trying to silence the huge problem they have. They should close this resort and other resorts on the same beach and repair the water supply and then reopen. Instead of this, they operate at full capacity like nothing happen. Unbelievably how tourists do not protest and drink this water like there is nothing wrong with it. Supply of bottled water is insufficient, 1.5 l per day per room. You cannot survive on this small quantity of normal drinking water. 2) Meals. The buffet is dirty, just straight up dirty. The food shortage was horrendous. A lot of spoiled food on display. No potatoes. Many food items are prepared from spoiled ingredients and it look like food, but you cannot eat it without disgust and vomiting. Instead of vegetables, cut onions and fruits from the cans, which day after day is on display and expired. Many foods look so terrible you cannot approach it. Tuna from the cans is offered as a stew, never saw anything like this even in Cuba. Canned beef as a stew. Hot dogs in all shape and form are main dish. It is boiled, fried, and then boiled again, used for all dishes and soups. Juices are watered down with poisonous water and offered to public. Coke diluted with stinking water. Fanta is so full with chemicals that even stinking water cannot change its taste and smell. 3) Entertainment. It's all by animation team. No entertaining from outside performers. The evening show was lame. It is a crime to operate fully booked resort when you have no sanitary water in your water supply. Tour operators in Canada are complicit in this crime and have to be sued as a class action law suit. This time was terrible and we will never go again to this resort.

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