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#1 Secrets Huatulco Resort And Spa
#1 Secrets Huatulco Resort And Spa
122 reviews
I had never been to Mexico. My wife and I decided to go to Secrets because friends had advised how clean and safe it was. We took our Dukoral weeks prior to leaving, had our shots at the doctors office too. We arrived, very beautiful locale. The people very friendly at this resort. Everyone makes it a great comfortable atmosphere. Beautiful pools, wonderful beaches, it looked so clean. Second day there I had a hamburger pool side . I looked at the burger after two bites and saw that it was almost raw. I cursed, put it aside, continued to enjoy the atmosphere. Tuesday the diarrhea started. Spent the day in the room, a little tourista, let it run its course I thought. By Wednesday morning I was passing blood and cramped up with a lot of pain. Had to call the doctor. The doctor came to the hotel, fantastic fellow! Was kind and very helpful. Gave me an antibiotic injection plus a prescription for three more meds. $500 USD for the fix. Was not allowed to eat animal protein for the rest of the trip, only veggies bread and fruit. Couldn't take advantage of all of the delicious foods available. I tried to recover in the shade by the pool. It was there that I found out that two others had suffered the exact same fate as me after eating the hamburger on Monday. Both violently ill, unable to leave their rooms. The night before departure I asked to speak with a manager. Manager Luis Pino met with me and I told him my story. I also told him the story of the other two that I had spoken with who had the same illness. He was very kind, was apologetic, but reassured me that the food quality is checked every week. He advised that he would think about what had happened and speak with me about a form of compensation. Someone would speak to me before my departure. Nobody came to speak with me. Nobody called me. For a seven day all inclusive, I spent 5 days in the bathroom. Does it happen? I'm sure it does. Is it my fault? I did take two bites of the burger before looking at it. For the amount of money we spent on this vacation, I would not do it again. When you spend that amount, you want to try not to be concerned about every little thing. Do not waste your hard earned dollars on this resort.

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