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#3 Hotel Atlantico
#3 Hotel Atlantico
202 reviews
A bit disappointed
My daughter had a wedding reception in Cuba ten years ago, and we stayed in Hotel Atlantico. It stayed in my memory as a beautiful place, and I wanted to go back for years. Finally, my son took me there in May this year to celebrate my retirement, but this time, I wasn't very delighted with our stay. The hotel is almost the same as a decade ago, a bit renovated, but mostly just over 60 years old and smelly of cigarettes and cigars. You can't go out in the evening or open your terrace door because mosquitos are so vicious, their bites would stay on your skin even upon your return to Canada. People are allowed to smoke not only in their rooms but all over the place, and they leave cigarette buts everywhere. Although the hotel area was cleaned every day, the beach is never cleaned of buts, so you have sand and buts plus cans, wrappers and all kind of other garbage at the beach. Horrible! On top of it, they have a DJ who speaks all the time and sings along the song through loudspeakers that they put in the pool area and at the beach. Unbelievable! It wasn't like that ten years ago. The food was average, the same every day, with flies on the cheese and salad. Before, it was lavish and clean and different every day. The staff was kind, especially in the restaurant, but Cuban guests were talking loudly and smoking and drinking everywhere and young people were kissing and hugging in the water like they're alone and all the time. All in all, I had a few nice memories, but not as nice as the first time I went there. Won't go again.

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