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#7 Outrigger Kauai Beach Resort And Spa
#7 Outrigger Kauai Beach Resort And Spa
United States
7 reviews
Where NOT to stay - heartless customer service
A few weeks ago, a friend and I spent 3 nights at this hotel. On our last day, we decided to forego the extended check out ($85 until 6pm), checking our luggage with the front desk before heading out to enjoy the island. Just before noon, I fell on a nearby trail, breaking my dorsal radius bone. We drove an hour to the hospital, where they kept me for a few more hours under conscious sedation in order to reset the bone. When we got out of the hospital, we had only a few hours before needing to be at the airport for our 15-hour journey home. Back at the hotel, we asked if we could use a room to wash up (I was covered in mud from the accident, still on a host of painkillers, and crying my eyes out from the traumatic experience). Not only did the hotel say that it would cost me $300 to use the room for an hour or two, but refused to honor the $85 until 6pm offer (from earlier that day). They admitted that they were only at 80% capacity, and that plenty of rooms were available, but refused to let me use a room for even an hour because "they are a business". The lack of compassion was not the most troubling part of this experience, but ever moreso how rude and demeaning supervisor Noli was. It's a shame, as the island itself is heavenly, but seems that this hotel staffs the inhumane. I am dismayed, disheartened, and will certainly share with anyone going to Kauai where NOT to stay. Other guests who overheard our interaction with Noli shared with me their disgust with the way Kauai Beach Resort mishandled this unfortunate scenario.

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