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#12 Sol Papagayo
#12 Sol Papagayo
Costa Rica
20 reviews
Hotel is very poorly up-kept - staff are lovely
This hotel is operating at about 50% or less than what they are offering. Several major health violations. The pool is a major health and safety concern - water is not above the jets or being filtered by the pump or skimmers (only time you do this is when you are closing your pool - but this pool had covers over the jets and black gunk in the skimmers - ie they have not been used for a long time)- only thing circulating the pool is the waterfall, only way they have to clean this pool is using a skimmer bag to remove leaves ( I have a pool this is not ok). This pool should be closed until they can properly fill it and filter it using the pump and skimmers - pool staff sprinkled chlorine in the pool while people were swimming and we only saw them using a sump pump to vacuum it - but that is not filtering! In a commercial pool - this is seriously hazardous - not just because the water isn't being filtered - but also because they are not taking accurate measurements to determine what chemicals are needed. We also got serious ill (we still are sick) from the food - or improper food care - we often had fruit in the am - that tasted like onions or garlic - so food safety isn't being adhered to either. We were not the only guests that got sick - several others were as well. Also this hotel only had about 12 guests max at any time and only one resto was open (some of the food seemed fine - but after we got sick - we weren't really interested in the food), and only some of the rooms are available - the rest have doors open without locks and no furniture (back in family villas). Our room was not what we paid for (the photos are really of one room - everything else is older) but i admit -i really don't normally care about the room - i don't expect to spend my time there - but it was very old, dated and there was one room next to us that had been fancied up for the photos. The staff were very nice, they tried very hard - but there is no management presence here and nothing is being done to repair anything - real lack of any kind of management leadership at all - I think this hotel is in transition - the owners are not here and don't seem to care about how bad it is - or they are just waiting for someone to buy it - all of my complaints are really about the owners and really Nolitours (Air Transat) and iTravel2000 - should not offer this hotel again until they can guarantee there are no health violations and the pool is fixed. WIFI worked fine for us (no charge).

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