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#2 Grand Aston Cayo Paredon Beach Resort
#2 Grand Aston Cayo Paredon Beach Resort
Cayo Paredon
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My best trip to Cuba
After 7 or 8 trips to Cuba to different corners of this fantastic Island, in different hotels (Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria and Holguin), this is really the first time that I have fallen in love with this magnificent and fabulous destination, and this, thanks to my last stay in Cayo Peredon (from May 17 to 24, 2024). It is mainly thanks to this new hotel by the sea which is the GRAN ASTON. It is an exceptional jewel whether in terms of the heavenly beach, in terms of the cleanliness of the rooms as well as that of the entire hotel spaces, but also thanks to the joviality, the generosity, the sense of the humor and concern for the customer shown by all staff, without exception, in a spontaneous, sincere, natural and generous manner. I really can't believe it! The rooms are modern, very clean and very well maintained. The common areas are as well. In this little paradise, we really feel at home, we who trade our beautiful house, our luxury and our comfort, for a hotel room for a week or two. All the staff members I met or simply encountered gave me the impression of being cousins, nephews and nieces that I was discovering for the first time. In other words, I felt happy, delighted, appreciated, comfortable and safe during my entire short week of vacation. I never went back to the same hotel in Cuba even if I came back to the same part of the island. I always wanted to discover spaces and get to know new personalities. This time on the other hand, I will, without the slightest hesitation, return to this magnificent hotel from my next vacation next July. I really can't wait to go back and see and join all of these wonderful, even exceptional, members of staff. However, as the saying goes: "the world is not perfect." My only disappointment and bad luck was just at the moment of my arrival when I had the misfortune to randomly bump into a young receptionist called "DAILENIS". It really is the exception to the rule, even the black sheep of the fold! She badly wanted to give me a very ordinary room (garden view) when I had previously paid for a room facing the sea, written in black and white on her computer screen, and also black and white on the printed copies of my package which I had. I strongly advise you, if you ever come across her, to ask to do business with another receptionist: There are always 2 or 3 of them serving customers when they arrive. Avoid it at all costs. But, as the other saying goes: “Nothing happens for nothing”. Her lack of professionalism and transparency, even her ability to act as if we were on her father's farm begging for room and board, rather than acting like a simple employee doing what she is paid for in his workplace (thanks to loyal tourists like me), made it so that I made the happy acquaintance of the director of this platform, Mr. Gérard, a gentelman who is worth his weight in gold, that either according to his chic appearance and dress, or his unparalleled and inspirational professionalism. He was able to correct (after 2 days of waste in rooms that did not in any way correspond to what I had paid for) the situation in two steps, three movements (as they say in Quebec), the blunder created free of charge by the employee here -mentioned above, and whose name I do not want to repeat or remember. To finish, I would like to really and warmly thank all these beautiful and generous people who work at this hotel: my new friends, even the new members of my adopted family. A huge thank you, without the slightest redundancy, to this gentelman, the director Gérard, who always has the quality blood pressure monitor in hand, to ensure the very good health of his hotel, and especially that of his customers. See you soon! Dr Chakib M.

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