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#1 Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort
#1 Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort
Orlando (Universal Studios)
United States
5 reviews
3 stars as of April 2023, could be 4 stars
I stayed at Cabana twice, once in 2017, and now in 2023. Some things changes since then, as detailed below. PROS: Value, rooms, pools, atmosphere, respect for bedtime noise levels, shuttle to city walk, restaurant options and fair price, good food. CONS: Bed/mattress, Safety, Parking lot machines, Service (somewhat), cleanliness (some specific areas), dated structure, baby friendliness. Parking lot machines: They are low, far, and are just a straight post from the curb with things lines up that can scratch your car, so it is not easy to get close enough. Getting the cards to be read is a nightmare. Sometimes the machines won't work and guests have to leave their cars or call because it won't read their cards. Cars will line up frequently because of that. Service and cleanliness: Had to call twice for something urgent. Once at 3:50 PM, then at 6:30 PM, just the get the service by 8:20 PM. Cleanliness of dinning area was subpar, but ok. When I spilled something in the microwave, an employee saw it and did not offer to help. I had to ask him for a sanitizer and clean it myself, which, he did! He handed the sanitizer and watched me clean it. On another date, I returned a high chair, clean (as I always do), just to find the same guy, sitting low and almost hiding behind that area with vacuums and high chairs (the circles at the corners) playing or doing something in his cellphone under the table. I did not see him as he was supposed to not let me get that close, but as I did, I could see him using the phone. If you dine outside, just look at the high chairs by the pool fence. The high chairs were always dirty, missing belts, etc. Service 2: Asked for an extra twin mattress or a switch. The lady said this was not an option, but I just looked it up on their website, and it says it is. Baby slept on the floor for 6 nights because the crib didn't work for us. The queen mattress was too high to serve us well. Not too bad as we worked around it and babies are supposed to sleep on harder surfaces, but it felt not ideal, or somewhat inhumane/disrespectful. In short, mixing cleanliness and service: Cabana is kid friendly, but JUST SOMEWHAT BABY FRIENDLY, like a 2-stars in this regard. Dated structure: Five or six years ago, everything was in a much better shape there. The lazy river doesn't have sprinklers or water guns to play anymore. The atomic pool splash pad is half on, half was like, decommissioned, water off, malfunctioning and dirty. The toys in the plays area are broken (you can't know what they are for, just some bent and broken plastic tubes, some hoola hoops, and there is nothing but the table tennis tables functioning. The hallways or hotel are dated, walls are scratched, carpets are too dirty, stained and could use some frequent repair/repaint. Safety: The gates and security are never working. Some are broken, and strangers could just go into the bedrooms and pool area. Bed: I weight 80 kg and sunk in my bad. I woke with a terrible neck pain every day. I was better when I started sleeping less and using the pool chairs for naps. Temporary and minor issues: The soda machines won't read the chip. The mug washers were constantly clogged or would not work. The hot chocolate machines were constantly out of order. Getting in and out of the dinning layout are is confusing, some corners allow you in, some won't, sometimes you circle around until the design sinks in. The dinning area is too cold in relation to the pool area, and changing environments like that, sometimes when you are a bit wet from the pool is not healthy. Overall: Great value. I would go again there and I recommend it for more important pros than cons. I'd rather see security and baby/kid friendliness improved. Better bed/mattress is a must. I could use a room with microwave option, I'd love that option I really hope to rate it a four next time, although I'll try a competitor's hotel before that. Photos show an issue we had ONCE trying to find a high chair. No clean one was available, and the clean had no belts. On other days, we would rarely find a clean one.

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